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ATTENTION!   Tax Value for Urban Growth Area Residents!

Millions of our tax dollars are leaving our community.  Sales tax, property tax, development fees, and taxes on the sale of our homes and property go to other parts of the county!

Our community is united in many ways. We drive the same roads, use the same lake, go to the same churches, and shop the same stores. But our tax dollars are being spent in other communities. If you want this to stop,    JOIN US!    

City / County Tax Cost Comparison 2000

Property taxes (Yearly)                                            City              County

Washington State Schools                                               595                       595

LS Schools District                                                         924                       924

LS Fire & Paramedics                                                    296                       296

Snohomish County                                                          252                      581

Sno Isle Library                                                                  0                        84

City of Lake Stevens                                                       401                          0

Total Property Taxes                                          2,468              2,480

Services (Yearly)

Water                                                                             201                     201

Sewer                                                                             420                     420

Garbage                                                                          190                     281

Phone                                                                             807                     761

Electricity                                                                        633                     603

Natural Gas                                                                    316                      301

Storm Water                                                                     60                       74

Street Lights                                                                        0                       21

Cable TV                                                                         321                    321

Dog License                                                                         4                      10

Total Services                                                              2,952            2,994

Total Taxes and Services                                             5,420            5,474


Based on $170,000 assessed value of house & estimated utility use.

Estimated annual use levels on services. City charges 5% or 6% utility taxes on Phone, Electricity, and Gas. City and County both charge 5% on Cable.

Drainage District residents shown. Those outside district - $20-$30 less.

County residents opted for street light and garbage collection.

Rates obtained from Snohomish County Assessors Office, City of Lake Stevens, Drainage District, PUD, Waste Management, and previous years rates when unchanged.



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Last modified: March 16, 2000